Southmoor Keep

Built on footings raised above the level of the Moor, Southmoor keep has white stone walls, wooden hoarding and Strong Iron Doors. The Keep is defended by a small company of men-at-arms extremely loyal to Lord Arrington. The Keep Shadows the Village of Southmoor for which Arrington governs over.

Notable Occupants
Lord Stephan Arrington
Lady Kaylyn Arrington
• Master Richard Arringtom (Age 16)
• Maid Marget Arrington (Age 13)
• Master Thomas Arrington (Age 11)

Kings Bannerman Niles Borney
Southmoor Bannerman Athard Gray
Steward Ethan Garron (Age 65)
Master Hunter Walter Crow

Military Strength: 200 Footman, 20 knights

Village of Southmoor
A series of low stone walls divides and encircles the village. Southmoor is well known for their Leather workers and Furs, the surrounding Moors are abounding with Moor Stags and Wolves. The head Quarters of the Leather Workers Guild is in Southmoor.

Population, 730 (Primarily human, some dwarf, elf and Halflings.)
Economic Structure – Crafting

Sherriff Oliver Kinnen

Southmoor Priory

NOTE: Friar Jacob has been newly appointed Abbot of Southmoor by the Bishop of Blackstag Grayson Baldwin.

• Friar Jack
• Friar Anathol

The priory is home to 16 aspiring Clerics.

Southmoor’s villages controlled
Moorton (East)
Greywich ( East, control newly acquired from Baystone)
Kara’s Well (West)
Rivermeet (Northwest)


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