The Creation Mythos of Ahrn

In the beginning a gaping void filled the entire universe.

From this a New World was created by a Higher Entity

Known Only as the bringer of Light.

He gifted the Great Elders the powers to create

The Gods and Titans were created first

Followed by the Elves then the Dwarfs and Human

From this void grew the World of Ahrn.

Time Passed By

Harmony Passed By

Peace Passed By

The Greater Elders Bestowed the Right of Stewards of Ahrn to the Gods and Titans

The Gods Name Ke-tarn as their Elder

The Titans Name Ahraythys as their Elder

Tension Grows over Who Should bear overall Stewards of Ahrn

Conflict flares amongst the Stewards

The Greater Elders Declare that the Mightiest shall be Bestowed the Honor of Stewards of Ahrn

Where they shall ascend to a greater plane of Existence from where they shall rule.

The Gods Ascended.

World of Ahrn

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